Fat Cow Review

Hi guys! It’s Kayden here back with another juicy review! Today, we will be reviewing Fat cow, one of the holy grails on our to-eat list and we finally managed to try it a few weeks back!


Fat Cow is located on the first floor of a medical building which was quite obscure but even so, I have to say that the lunch crowd on a weekday is insane! Luckily, we were still able to get seats that day :3

Front entrance of fat cow

On the outside, Fat cow looks modest. A fancy wall filled with grid-like patterns and a small door to enter through but once we stepped in, we were really surprised! We did not expect the restaurant to be so huge inside that we even had to walk down alleys (which was nicely designed in a minimalist fashion) before reaching the seating area.

The overall ambience was peaceful and quiet with wafts of aroma filling the space which is befitting of an upscale restaurant.

Food preparation by the chefs in fat cow


Fat cow donburi lunch set $48

Fat cow signature wagyu beef bowl

One of their signature dish at Fat Cow and we can definitely see why. The rice was fragrant and appetizing with the truffle aroma hitting our nostrils with every mouth we take. We opted for medium-rare doneness and it was nicely executed. Slightly charred on the outside yet soft and juicy on the inside. The overall dish was nicely executed.

Fat foa-gura don lunch set $48

Foie gras wagyu beef don

We have mixed feelings about this dish. The foie gras was simply delicious! The flavour and juiciness of the foie gras burst open in our mouths with every bite we take! However, we feel that it is best savoured together with the rice as it might get quite jelak after awhile. The beef though needs improvement. The beef cubes were quite tough which we felt to be a tad chewier than we would like.


To be very honest, there’s nothing exceptional which is quite disappointing given the high price point. I expected the service crew to at least introduce their beef and give some recommendations to the customers but it was just like a regular neighborhood restaurant.


Overall, Fat Cow is a really nice restaurant for special occasions as the price is on the high side. We feel that for a restaurant of this caliber, there is definitely room for improvement in the service aspect.

Sides that comes with lunch set at fat cow

We would highly recommend their lunch set which comes with a small serving of greens as well as a chawanmushi at relatively affordable prices. For the beef aficionados, you may want to try their A5 wagyu beef which is priced way above our comfort zone.

Price – $$$

Overall rating – 4/5

1 Orchard Blvd

#01-01/02 Camden Medical Centre

Singapore 248649

Opening hours: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm (Monday – Sunday)


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