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Hey guys! Its Kayden back with another perfume review! If you are someone looking for compliments, this review is for you! Even with those that dislike perfumes, this scent seems to work its magic through. It is none other than Dior Sauvage EDT! Let’s get the review started.

In recent years, ambroxan (a ingredient used to replace ambergris, a very high quality fragrance ingredient that is getting more expensive) heavy fragrances Dior sauvage is undoubtedly one of those “blue” fragrances and dare I say, it is the top 3 of the bunch. Why? Because it is so successful that Dior had to release 4 different iterations of it. EDT, EDP, Parfum as well as the cool spray. Even Chanel, the one who started the trend with the release of Bleu de Chanel EDT has only released 3 different iterations.

Top notes: Bergamot and pepper

Middle notes: Geranium, lavender, sichuan pepper, elemi, patchouli, pink pepper and vetiver

Base notes: Ambroxan, labdanum and cedar

Dior sauvage perfume


When first sprayed on, you immediately get hit with the ambroxan together with a hint of bergamot and a tinge of spiciness, probably from the myriad of pepper listed

The bergamot and spiciness quickly dissipates and what you are left with is the ambroxan mixed with some green elements that come from the geranium, patchouli and possibly the elemi.

This scent profile remains largely the same throughout the lifetime of this fragrance. Nevertheless, in the dry down, hints of earthiness start to emerge which adds a touch more masculinity to this fragrance. To my nose, it seems like it is the vetiver and the cedar that is given off the earthiness vibe.

Do take note that even though there are many different kinds of pepper listed inside the notes, there is at most a hint of it which is a good news! For me at least, as I am no big fan of spicy fragrances.

Longevity and Projection

Longevity is definitely above average for a freshie. It lasts 7 – 8 hours which is long enough to last us throughout the day of work/school. Projection is very noticeable as well, at least one arm’s length away. There was once where I did 4 sprays of Dior sauvage in my room and my mum commented “Your perfume smells so strong” as she strode past my room.

Seasons and Occasions

This is definitely a signature worthy scent that can be worn year round. It is mass appealing and it last and projects a whole lot. However, do take note that I stay in Singapore where it is basically spring (on colder months) or summer all year round. Should you live in colder climates, fear not, as you can opt for Dior sauvage EDP or parfum version.

In short, EDP and Parfum cuts back on the freshness that the EDT has and adds a tinge of spiciness, creaminess and sweetness. In the parfum version, the sweetness is boosted significantly with a hint of darkness mixed in. These factors allow Dior sauvage to thrive in cold weather as well!

Occasions wise, I can see dior sauvage EDT being worn casually, think going to the gym or buying grocery at the nearby supermarket. It can also be worn to school/ work and even to the club. However, I don’t find the EDT version suitable for formal or even semi-formal occasions as it just smells a little youthful and playful.


Even though the “blue” fragrance trend isn’t as hot as it used to be back in 2017-2018, it is still popular today where brands are still pushing out blue fragrances. (Dior sauvage parfum & Bleu de Chanel parfum were just released last year). If you are looking for compliments or simply a versatile fragrance for daily wear, this is it. In my opinion, it is the most versatile as it can be worn daily other than formal occasions. EDP and parfum just doesn’t seem to cut it for casual wear which greatly decreases it’s versatility imo.


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