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I believe most people should be familiar with Brotherbird ‘s croissant. With 35.3k followers on their instagram @brotherbird_bakehouse, they are well-known for their delicious mochi croissants.

Every month, they roll out a new collection of preorder boxes, with 6 different flavours of croissants, and it is always sold out really quickly!

This time, we decided to drop by their ‘new-ish’ branch at Bugis, Bali lane.

Ambience at Brotherbird Coffeehouse

The interior design at the Brotherbird Coffeehouse is very clean and minimalistic, giving the whole interior a very bright and chill vibes.


At Brotherbird Coffeehouse, we ordered a salted egg croissant to share, alongside with some drinks. I am going to focus on the review of the croissants, since it is their specialty

Salted Egg Croissant

We got the salted egg croissant to share, which is really good! (Even Kayden, who doesnt really like croissant, thinks it’s good!!!)

The crust of the croissant is super crispy and flaky (exactly how I like it)! The inside is airy and light, filled with fragrant and smooth salted egg fillings.

The salted egg filling here is unlike the normal ones, which tends to be more ‘jelat’ or thick. For this, you can taste the slight salted egg fragrance. At the same time, it’s not too thick or heavy for you to finish 1 whole croissant by yourself.

The smooth and fragrant salted egg filling with the crispy and flaky croissant crust makes a perfect match and we quickly finished up the whole croissant! (I even asked Kayden if we can get another one to share… but he said no as we are going to have dimsum next 🙁 )


Since we were impressed by the salted egg croissant, I decided to get some for my family!

Image from @brotherbird_bakehouse

Black Sesame Niangao Twice-Baked

First up! This is the black sesame niangao twice-baked croissant (sorry for my half-hearted image-taking at home).

Similarly, the croissant has a flaky and crispy crust. For this black sesame one, it is topped with white and black sesame seeds. Inside, it is spread with a generous amount of black sesame paste. Additionally, there is a piece of niangao (new year cake) in it.

The black sesame paste in it is super fragrant. The addition of a niangao in it gives it an additional chewy bite to the crispy croissant.

If you like black sesame and mochi-like texture kind of food, you can give this a try!

Hae Bee Hiam Twice-Baked

Next, we also got the hae bee hiam croissant, which I tried asking Kayden if we could try, but he didn’t like hae bee hiam, so we got the salted egg instead.

Sorry for the slightly charred surface, as we went to airfry it again!

This is a pleasant surprise! I don’t know about you, but I love putting hae bee hiam in my bread! And this is a combination of my favourite hae bee hiam and croissant! The hae bee hiam is not too strong, just slightly spicy and savoury pairs really well with the croissant!

If you like hae bee hiam, I highly recommend trying this! This is also my brother’s favourite!

BB Original Croissant

In addition to the flavoured ones, I also got an original croissant. On top of the crispy and flaky crust, the inside is really light and airy! Definitely one of the best croissants I ever had!

Pineapple Tart Danish

I also got the pineapple tart danish, thinking that my mom will probably appreciate this more since it is fruit-based. Despite the yummy crust and not-overly-sweet pineapple topping, it is the most normal out of all the selections they have.

Hence, I recommend skipping this and getting the interesting selection of flavours of croissant they offer!


The service at brotherbird is decent. Not impressive, but decent enough.


One thing to highlight though, is that we noticed this writing on their straws!

So we asked them, and apparently these straws are made from cornstarch, and I think that’s a really good replacement for plastic!

These straws have a similar feels to plastic straw, and is not easily torn or turn soggy like paper straws! Good change on their side 🙂

Price – $$
Overall Rating – 4/5

Address: 32 Bali Ln, Singapore 189868
Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday 10am – 6pm


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