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Hey guys, Kayden here! Today’s topic is on Bingsu :3 Tell me, who doesn’t love bingsu???? Cannot be rightttt!

I knew it! *casually ignores everyone’s responses*

So, Ice and I are BIG FANS of bingsu (Even though I don’t like Korean food) and we have been to several bingsu cafes to try out their bingsu. Listed below are some that we have tried.

  1. Oma Spoon
  2. Ice Lab
  3. Han Bing Cafe
  4. Nunsongyee
  5. Snowman desserts
  6. Chi-Bing

Han Bing Cafe @ Botanic Gardens

Han Bing

If you have been following my blog, Ice and I went to this cafe on the same day we went to Casa Verde to celebrate Valentine’s day!

When we first walked in, I was really surprised. The environment is so casual and the owner is very friendly as well (In fact, the owner’s child was playing around in the shop and the owner was doing her hair just at the opposite beauty salon). It is at these restaurants that you know they serve quality stuff, not those shops that have pretty interiors but are just out to earn your money and serves average food. Well, all I can say is this cafe serves real legit green tea bingsu.

I never knew why red bean is always paired with matcha (in fact, I always remove the red bean from matcha bingsu) until that day when I tasted Han Bing’s green tea bingsu. Matcha powder is supposed to be bitter!!! Every other shop adds so much sugar to the powder that it becomes sweet. It must be bitter for you to appreciate the red beans because it really blends with the bitter taste and brings it to a really satisfying flavour IMO. The sweet red bean complements the bitter matcha taste really well.

If you guys pass by there, try it (:

Oma spoon @ Somerset 313

Top left – green mountain binsu; Bottom left – yuzu mango bingsu; Right – chocolate banana bingsu

As you can see from the pictures, Ice and I have visited this cafe many many times. It was first recommended to me by Ice and it was the first time I tasted Bingsu. I was blown away tbh. My favourite is their green mountain bingsu which is a mix of Orea and sweetened matcha powder. However, Ice’s favourite is their mango cheesecake bingsu, partly because she likes cheesecake, and also the mango is sweet and nice, but we forgot to take pictures><. The yuzu mango is really refreshing while the chocolate banana is a classic. We also tried their injeolmi bingsu, which is quite nice too, topped with small little rice cakes.

The main reason why we like Oma spoon and even visited them, again and again, is because of their really really fine ice, which is flavourful and that we think that is what’s most important in a bingsu. It’s not the 料 (toppings) on the bingsu, its not the amount of milk they give, it’s the ice.

This one is really legit, don’t believe me? Next time you go shopping at Somerset, try it out (:

Ice Lab @ Bugis

Ice lab bingsu

This is Ice Lab’s injeolmi bingsu! I think I tried this one because my friend recommended me. A big shout out to Hannah for introducing this lovely cafe (: This cafe serves legit bingsu as well, IMO, definitely on par with Oma spoon. (Ice doesn’t think so but I think she’s biased>.<“) Whatever is said about Oma spoon applies here as well. However, there’s something to take note of. I don’t like how the rice cake is served on their Injeolmi bingsu. I like it cut up and mixed with the peanut powder but that’s just my take. Also, a big thumbs up for serving free water. (Oma spoon does not serve water).

Snowman Dessert @ NEX [Closed]

snowman dessert bingsu

I believe this one has closed down but I’ll review it anyway.

I tried their melon bingsu which was meh… Their melon was good but as I said earlier, it’s the ice, not the 料. The ice is really very average, not fine enough, not milky enough.

Chi-Bing @ Star Vista

Sorry but I forgot to take pictures for this restaurant ><

This is a hidden gem located in Star Vista! U have to spend some time looking for it if you come from MRT, you have to walk out and walk along the side of the mall because it’s not located in the mall! However, the bingsu is quite legit! Ice and I tried their injeolmi bingsu and their grape bingsu and both are great! The food offered in this restaurant is very good as well! (We were given a free huge bowl of steam egg when we ordered their Hot Dak) NUS students ought to try it since it’s quite near (:

PS (Ice here): THE YOGHURT BINGSU IS SUPER GOOD! It has this slight tanginess and sweetness from the yoghurt flavour, paired with the milkiness of the bingsu, where the ice is super soft and fluffy. Super good! Highly recommended!

Nunsongyee @ Upper Serangoon Road

Nunsongyee bingsu

People always say “save the best for last” but nah, that’s too mainstream. This one is a disappointment. Another friend recommended me this but I shall not name him. Well, everyone’s got different tastes right (: I heard this one is one of their first outlets and went through great troubles to locate it (I’m bad with directions, just saying). However, it’s not worth the effort man, the ice is fine enough but almost tasteless.


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