Wen Dao Shi 揾到食 review

Wen Dao Shi is a very established dim sum eatery that has been around for many years. I first heard it from my dad and he was raving about how good it was in the past and I decided to try it for myself.


I arrived at around 8 pm on a weekday which is already past the peak dinner period but Wen Dao Shi was still very crowded. The only available seats were outside right beside the road which was quite a bummer. However, even though Ice and I sat outside, we could still hear the chatters of the customers when the sliding glass door opens. (Take note that we were sitting at least 5m away from the customers inside.


Har Gao 虾饺

Bad. The skin was soggy and on the thicker side which clearly indicated poor handiwork and possibly over steaming. The prawn in the dumpling was also mushy without the QQ texture.

Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉

Chee Cheong Fun tasted bad. Unlike the usual ones we eat, the sauce used here is thick and gooey which is quite interesting to me. However, after I took one bite, I gave up on this. It was super salty and the skin tasted very dry. The decision to opt for the thick sauce is definitely questionable.

Liu Sha Bao 流沙包

Nope. The sauce was again overly gooey. The essence of Liu Sha Bao is that the sauce within the bun must be flowy (流沙). Taste-wise, the sauce tasted overly similar to custard with hardly any salted egg yolk present.

Deep fried prawn roll 炸虾卷

Skin was fried nicely which gave it a nice crispy texture but fillings inside tasted mushy. Taste was average to us.


Pretty average. The food we ordered came very quickly which is a plus point.


Disappointed. A restaurant with such heritage and quality in the past has fallen to this state. Out of the 4 dishes that we ordered, none came close to our standards.

Perhaps the only redeeming point is that the price point is relatively cheaper compared to other dim sum outlets and it is open 24 hours daily.

On a side note, I talked to a few people and they told me the best dim sum there are the egg tarts which we were too full to order. Nevertheless, egg tart alone doesn’t change our overall rating of a dim sum restaurant.

If you are looking for good dim sum, one of my personal favorites is Dim Sum Haus. Do check out my review here

Price – $$

Overall rating – 1.5/5

126 Sims Ave

Singapore 387449

Opening hours: 24 hours (Monday – Sunday)


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